Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. India
Stablished in 1992 as an export-oriented unit (EOU), Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Orchid) is a vertically integrated company spanning the entire pharmaceutical value chain from discovery to delivery with established credentials in research, manufacturing and marketing. We today rank among the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in India and enjoy a multi-therapeutic presence across segments like anti-infectives, anti-inflammatory, central nervous CNS), cardio vascular segment (CVS), nutraceuticals and other oral and sterile products. Our pharmaceutical solutions include active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), finished dosage forms, new drug discovery (NDD), novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) and contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS). We are ally present across 70+ countries through alliances, joint ventures and partnerships with ally reputed majors. Read More
  Divis Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. India
Generic APIs are part of our primary focus area. We respect IPR and do not infringe either product or processes covered by valid patents. Our strong commitment to confidentiality has elicited enquiries and tie-ups for supply of APIs that are migrating to generic status in the near future. We are also involved in developing alternate, patent non-infringing processes for such APIs, both for the original inventors and leading generic drug manufacturers. Read More
Formosa Laboratories, Inc. produces APIs and UV-filters in its modern facilities near Taipei. Its GMP compliance has been approved by DOH of Taiwan, US FDA, BGV of Germany, EDQM and PMDA of Japan Read More

Anphar is a global pharmaceutical company specializing in development, production and marketing of generic and proprietary branded as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients. Read More


Macfarlan Smith Limited is one of the world's oldest pharmaceutical companies, with almost 200 years of expertise in natural product extractions and chemical synthesis, specialising in opiate narcotics such as codeine and morphine. As world's leading manufacturer of opiate alkaloids and together with our sister companies,Johnson Matthey Pharmaceutical Materials (NJ, USA) and Johnson Matthey Pharma Services (MA, USA) able to provide the full spectrum of development, from drug discovery through to bulk production. Read More

Rusan Pharma Ltd. is a technology driven pharmaceutical company with interests in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of APIs and their intermediates. Guided by professional leadership and experience, commitment towards quality and delivery and a good understanding of businessSpecialize in opioid de-addiction, critical and acute pain management, anti-tuberculosis and psychotropic drugs. Read More

MPPL is accredited with ISO 9001 : 2008 and WHO GMP certifications and the state-of - the - art manufacturing facility conforms to International Standards. Specialized in manufacturing of Non Pareil Seeds, Active Drug Coated (AC), Enteric Coated (EC), Sustained Release (SR), Delayed Release (DR), Time Release (TR) Extended Release (ER), Controlled Release (CR) Pellets and Blended Pellets of Vitamins, anti oxidants, anti ulcerants etc. These are ready to fill pellets , making capsule manufacturing a simple, one stage process. Read More


Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited has been able to leverage the global outreach in benchmarking oncology excellence with latest world class production, avant-garde manufacturing and Research & Development facilities. The Company provides high quality products supported by superior level of customer service at highly competitive prices. Its commitment to Quality by Design (QbD) is endorsed by Regulatory Authorities like TGA, EDQM and USFDA.

Leveraging the world class expertise for the development and manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, intermediates and oral & injectable finished dosage forms, Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited provides high quality and cost effective pharmaceutical products to the markets worldwide. Read More

Symrise BioActives produces highly purified plant-based extracts and active substances which are certified as being safe for the pharma industries as well as diagnostics With Standardized Plant Extract like Bilberry, offer a comprehensive range of products and tailored services, ranging from global regulatory advice to solutions. Read More
  Sichuan Xieli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1980's, Xieli is a leading GMP manufacturer of pharmaceutical products originated from plants in China, specializing in plantation, extraction of natural active ingredients ,synthesis and research of its derivates, production of . Xieli established a leading position in the world in manufacturing and supplying Hesperidin & Diosmin , antimalarial Artemisinin & Artemether Cytotoxin antitumor products with cGMP EU GMP Japan GMP certified enterprise. Read More


Magnesia is your specialists for Magnesium and Calcium compounds for Pharma food & nutritional Industries e.g. magnesium Carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide, calcium Carbonate & Zinc Oxide Read More


Nanjing Lanya Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Lactaed salt of Calcium & Magnesium which FDA DMF No 21968 located in Nanjing China accredited ISO9001, ISO14001 & HACCP certificate. More Read

Standardchem & Pharma Co Ltd is the best Pharmaceutical Company in Taiwan. To achieve global standards and become the most competitive Pharmaceutical Company in Asia Approved by leading drug regulatory authorities, including GMP、FDA、CGMP, once again, STANDARD CHEM & PHARM CO., LTD PIC/S GMP examination and becomes one of the only four pharmaceutical factories receiving the approval letter from Health Bureau officially, which demonstrates that the total quality of STANDARD CHEM & PHARM CO., LTD has advanced to the higher level. Read More

Ercros is an industrial group with a hundred-year tradition and diversified into four business areas: Basic Chemicals and Plastics divisions, which make up the Chlorine Related Businesses group, and the Intermediate Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals divisions. More Read

With a modest beginning in 1936, now pharmaceuticals business for more than saver decides, specialized ophthalmic APIs received USFDA besed MAR approved. As per f to her rates FDC as the best under a big, an company. Pinow in seles in our make Miconazole Base/Nitrate, Econazole Nitrate, Salbutamol Sulphate, Flurbiprofen & Flunarizine Dihydrochloride & Rupatadine Fumarate Read More

As a customer driven organization committed to timely deliver top most quality products at competitive prices. Harman APIs segment is Anti-Diabetic, CNS Acting Drugs, Controlled Substances, Muscle Relaxant, Anxiolytics etc.Vision is to bring development in Science and Technology to the top most level of manufacturing via setting up world class & high scale capacities using novel quality oriented processes and specially designed equipment. Read More

Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is an enterprise which focuses on the production of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredient ( APIs) . After more than thirty years struggle, Jiuzhou grew into one of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprise in China. “Care for life to maintain health” has beenJ izhou mission from the beginning. quality is foundation, technology is guidance, and management is guarantee, as a result, Jiuzhou developed rapidly. Today, company has passed ISO9001, ISO9002 and SFDA'S (State Food and Drug Administration) GMP inspection in which Amprolium has passed the U.S.A. FDA inspection, and other products including Gliclazide Ketoprofen and Albendazole have obtained the COS certification Read More
Senary Chem is one of the Key High-Tech Enterprises Hebei Province.. China Senary focus on the development, production and sales of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates. Especially, Senary has leading technology and manufacturing capacity for diabetes drug e.g Vildagliptin , Saxagliptin ,Alogliptin i ,Linagliptin ,Sitagliptin , Dapagliflozin , Canagliflozin on market have been commercialized production... Senary focus on the development, production and sales of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates. Especially, Senary has leading technology and manufacturing capacity for diabetes drug. Read More